The reason
scaleXT exists

Despite the explosion of candidate data available today traditional recruitment in the technology, healthcare and life sciences space is still manually done with very little automation and often slow, painful, and expensive.

But where hiring managers, recruiters and their manual recruiting systems are overwhelmed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting thrives and gives companies tapping into it an unfair advantage to help match the right people to the right roles at precision accuracy and scale.

No more missing out on those candidates that are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack.

Launched with AI powered precision matching intelligence at the core with humans at the helm scaleXT is using AI combined with high touch recruitment to make precision hiring faster.

This combination of human and machine is our ”True North” and what drives us.

This is the reason scaleXT exists and we are using our recruiting systems much as a driver uses GPS in a car: not to substitute for our navigation abilities but to supplement and elevate them to the next level.

Our Vision

To be the AI powered precision matching intelligence that drives recruitment for the most innovative companies in the world.

Our Philosophy

We imagine a world where a fusion of precision matching AI at the core with humans at the helm makes identifying and connecting with the perfect candidate via the right channel (i.e. Platform/Email/Mobile) at the right time as easy as connecting with an Uber on your smart phone.

Our Principles

Go further

What will blow our customers minds

Love what you do

Hard work

Mastery of our craft

Be exceptional

No limits


Respect the team